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Links and resources to help you get started using Excel.

Excel @ Wellesley

Microsoft Excel (Office 2011 for Mac OS X, or Office 2010 for Windows) is installed on all public and lab computers.

Find more information here about getting a personal copy of Microsoft Office through the College. For more information, contact the Help Desk (

Courses with a Large Excel Component

  • ECON 101, 102, 103

Excel on Mac OS

For the most part, Excel 2011 on a Mac works similarly to Excel 2010 on Windows. In particular, the general principles for formatting, writing formulas, and creating charts should be the same. The primary difference are often minor (e.g., to create graphs you go to the Charts tab on a Mac vs. the Insert tab on Windows). 

To figure out how to do the same things in your version of Excel, try a Google search or check out the links in each section of this guide. For best results, include your exact version of Excel in the search (e.g., Mac Excel 2011).

For a Mac-specific introduction to Excel, check out this tutorial.

Getting Started in Excel

Excel Tips & Tricks

Finding Excel Help

Not sure how to do something in Excel? Run a search in Google or your favorite search engine – there are a lot of online resources (videos, tutorials, message boards) for Excel!

Tip: For the most relevant results, include your exact version of Excel in your search terms (e.g., Excel 2010, Excel 2011, etc).

Working with Text in Excel