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e-books at Wellesley: Kindle

What is DRM?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a system used by copyright holders to prevent unauthorized uses of their electronic property.

DRM is often used to limit the length of the loan of a downloaded ebook, or limit the amount of copying and printing.


Kindle e-book readers are not compatible with e-books that use Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM), or with Adobe Digital Editions. This means that most e-books available through the Wellesley College Libraries (including Ebook Central) are not viewable on your Kindle.

DRM-free ebooks on your Kindle

Kindle devices do support DRM-free PDFs. To view a DRM-free PDF on your Kindle, just connect your Kindle to your computer through the USB cable, then drag and drop the PDF files from your computer to the Kindle folder. When you turn on your Kindle, your new books will appear. (DRM-free ebooks are typically books that are out of copyright, many are available for download at Internet Archive or Google Books.)

It is also possible to view DRM-free EPUB files on your Kindle; however, the file must first be converted into a format readable by the Kindle, such as PDF or MOBI. To convert these files, you can use Calibre [download required], a free, open source e-book management application.