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SOC/AMST 225: Life in the Big City: ArcGIS Online

GIS and Data Instructional Technologist

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ESRI's ArcGIS Onlne

What is ArcGIS Online?

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based software suite designed for analyzing geospatial data, creating static and interactive maps, and accessing digital data.

Availability: To the Wellesley College community with a special login  contact to get an account ID (login here once you receive your ID)

ArcGIS Online Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

Click on the Steps to watch a short video on each topic. Click on the links below each video for additional information and documentation.


Lesson 0: Before You Start

Lesson 1: Signing In

Lesson 2: Starting a New Map

   Map Viewer documentation

Lesson 3: Basemaps

   Basemaps documentation

Lesson 4: Bookmarks

   Bookmarks documentation

Lesson 5: Adding Layers

   Adding Layers documentation

Lesson 6: Searching for Data

   Searching for Layers in ArcGIS Online/Living Atlas documentation

Lesson 7: Layer Styling

   Layer Styling documentation

Lesson 8: Analysis Tools

   Using the Analysis Tools documentation

   Analysis Tools Chart

   Example Case Studies to Practice Analysis Tools

Lesson 9: Saving Your Map

Lesson 10: Printing Your Map


More Resources for Learning ArcGIS Online

For Beginners:

The Basics from ESRI

YouTube Playlist with short videos explaining basic tools and skills in ArcGIS Online.


For Intermediate/Advance Users:

Practice Lessons from ESRI (make sure that "ArcGIS Online" is selected in the filter that says "All Products" on the left of the webpage)