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AFR 220: Black Studies at Wellesley and Beyond


Welcome to the research guide for Black Studies at Wellesley and Beyond. If you would like to talk with me about any aspect of your research — from developing a research question to finding, evaluating, and citing sources — please feel free to make an appointment with me!

Explore a Topic in SuperSearch

SuperSearch can be a great place to start exploring a topic from many angles through a wide variety of sources from multiple disciplines. As you scan the results, pay attention to aspects of the topic that interest, intrigue, or surprise you. Some tips:

  • Start with a broad keyword search and scan the results to discover different themes, approaches, and interpretations, e.g., 
    • "black studies" AND "student activism"
  • Make note of key terms you see that you might use to narrow or expand your search or clarify or shift your focus. The Subjects that come up in your results list can be particularly helpful in identifying terms used to describe and categorize your topic.

  • Use filters to focus your search. For example, limit to books and e-books or scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals, or use the publication date filter to find current or historical materials.

For more starting places, see the Background & Context page of this guide!

For searching with more focus and precision, try one of the databases recommended on the Find Articles & Books page.

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