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WGST 102: Lessons of Childhood: Representation of Difference in Children's Media: Home

Reference Sources

Reference sources (like encyclopedias and dictionaries, including Wikipedia) are a great source for background or contextual information on a topic. These reference sources provide scholarly background information on folk tales specifically:


Welcome to the library research guide for WGST 102.  If you need help identifying sources, citing them, or anything else, feel free to make an appointment to chat with me!  If none of the times on my calendar work for you, email me.


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Scholarly articles about folktales

Origin stories: Who is asking and answering the types of questions I am exploring for this short paper assignment?

If you're interested in seeing what literature or film scholars have to say about Disney films (or about your chosen film in particular), you might want to search in a literature or film database like these.

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The sources on this page are just a starting point! You can also explore other subject-specific article databases and reference sources by visiting the Wellesley Library research guides for subjects like literature, cinema and media studies, and anthropology.