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WRIT 160: The Magic of Everyday Life: Find Books

Book Review Assignment: Tools & Tips

Find a book from the list

Search for your book by title in the library catalog.

Enclose the book title in quotations to search it as a phrase: "fieldguide to getting lost"

If we don't own the book, search in WorldCat and request it from another library

Find a book on your own

In the library catalog, try a subject search for place, or space, or the name of a place (e.g., geographic location, kind of place)

Or search for works about everyday activities by doing a subject search - start with a noun describing the activity followed by the words "social aspects" (examples: cooking social aspectssports social aspectstourism social aspects)

Want to read reviews of the books before you choose one? 

Search for your book in SuperSearch. On the results page, limit the Content Type to Journal Articles, Newspaper Articles and Book Reviews.

You can also try searching for the book in Google Books to see a synopsis, read sample pages, and get a sense of the book's length and author's style.


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Catalog search tips for this course

Use a keyword search ...

for highly-specific topics (e.g., scrapbooking or eco-tourism)

for concepts in ethnography (e.g., "fieldwork")

to combine concepts (e.g., sidewalk and chalk)


brainstorm a list of synonyms for each major aspect of your topic: trash, garbage, junk, waste, refuse

search for a source you already know, and check the subject terms in the catalog record to find more like it

add the term ethnography to a keyword search to find ethnographies on particular topics (e.g., tourism ethnography)


Expand or narrow your search

Use and to combine terms in your search | gender and skateboarding

Use or to expand results | women or female

Use * to find variant endings, or as a wild card | wom*n   ethnograph* (for ethnography, ethnographer, ethnographic, etc.)

Use " " to search words as a phrase | "thick description"

Book Locations and Maps

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How to find items by call number

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