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Interlibrary Loan (ILL): SuperSearch

A Guide to Interlibrary Loan Services at Wellesley.

How to place article and book chapter requests using SuperSearch

For a more detailed guide to using SuperSearch, please see the Research Guide.


You can access SuperSearch from the library tab in the portal or the LTS homepage.




Use keywords or other information (author, title, etc) to start your search. You will get a list of results.  Some will have a link to the full text online and some will show whether it's a journal or book chapter with the citation online.


Click on the title of the article or book chapter you need and click the request button.




The Article Locator (shown below) will check to see if it is owned by Wellesley.  














If it is available, it will direct you right to the article.  Since it is not, click let us get it for you to place your ILL request.


Login to your ILL account,  if you haven't already.



The ILL article form appears and SuperSearch will import the citation information into the correct fields.




Click Submit



Your request has been successfully submitted.



Once your request is available, you will receive an email with a direct link to the article.  



Click on the link.   (If you are not already signed into your ILL account, it will bring you to the login page and to the article page after you login.)


The article request is in your ILL account.  Click view pdf and your request will open in a new window.   


(The Clone button will submit a new request for the same item.  The Delete pdf button will delete the request.  Once the request is deleted, it can't be recovered)



Due to copyright, these will only be stored in your ILL account for 30 days (be sure to print or save it right when you open it).