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e-books at Wellesley: Sony Reader

Sony Reader - Downloading via Wi-Fi

The Sony Reader allows you to download many e-books over Wi-Fi, without connecting to a computer via USB cable. Ebook Central (EBC) books can be downloaded directly to the Sony Reader with the steps below. 

If an EBC book from Wellesley:

1. On your Sony Reader, click the Home button. Click the right arrow to access page 2 of the home screen.

2. Under Network, select the Browser button.

3. Type into the address bar at the top of the screen.

4. Search for the e-book you wish to download. Once you are on the catalog page for the e-book you wish to download, click Click here for full text.

5. Click the link to Ebook Library

6. You will be prompted to enter your last name and 16-digit OneCard Number. Enter these, and click Submit.

7. Click the Download button.

8. You have the option of "borrowing" this book for either 1 or 7 days. Select your preferred loan length, format (PDF or epub, if available) and click Download.

Sony Reader - Uploading via USB

Loading e-books via USB cable:

1. Use the USB cable provided to connect your Sony Reader into the USB drive on your computer.

2. Your Sony Reader will prompt you to confirm that you wish to transfer files to your device. Tap the Data Transfer Mode button on the Sony Reader Screen.

3. If you have not yet installed Reader for PC or Reader for Mac on your computer, do so.

4. Download the books you wish to load onto the device (see the Downloading e-books page of this guide for more information). These books should appear in your Downloads folder.

5. In Reader for PC or Mac, go to File > Import Files and navigate to the Downloads folder of your computer.

6. Select the file of the book you wish to import into Reader, and click Open.

7. Click on Reader in the Menu at the top of the Reader for PC or Mac screen.

8. Next click Sync, then click the Sync Now button. Once the files have finished syncing, click Disconnect. It is now safe to disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

9. The ebook/s should appear on your Sony Reader. If the ebooks/s do not appear, try restarting the Sony Reader.