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e-books at Wellesley: Nook (e-ink/color)

Nook (e-ink & Color)

  1. Launch Adobe Digital Editions on the computer you are using (see the Adobe Digital Editions page of this guide for instructions on how to install this software).
  2. Connect your Nook into the USB drive on your computer using the provided USB cable.
  3. Adobe Digital Editions will now recognize your Nook and the Device Setup Assistant box should appear.
  4. Adobe Digital Editions should prompt you to authorize your Nook. (Use the same Adobe ID as you used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.)
  5. In Adobe Digital Editions, make sure you are in the Library viewing mode and that the e-books you wish to load onto your device are there. 
    • (If the e-books you wish to load onto your Nook are not there and you have already downloaded them, you may have to open the files in Adobe Digital Editions.)
  6. To move e-books onto the Nook, simply drag and drop them to the Nook icon on the left-hand side of Adobe Digital Editions.
  7. After you have copied all the books you wish to your Nook, eject the Nook from your computer and safely unplug the USB cable.
  8. The e-book/s should appear on your Nook in the Library. If the e-book/s do not appear, try restarting the Nook.