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Ebola Data Crowdsourcing

Information, instructions, and links for Ebola data crowdsourcing.

Overview of Ebola Incidence Data Digitizing

In order to understand the epidemic and make predictions about it, researchers require quality data about cases of the disease. While many services use newspaper articles or tweets to estimate Ebola outbreak severity, true indicence data broken down by date is the most useful. However, much of this information is provided as PDF format reports, which are very difficult to import into statistical software. By digitizing the data into spreadsheets, we are providing data in a format that can be easily used for analysis.

Who and Where?
Caitlin Rivers, a PhD student in computation epidemiology at the Virginia Tech Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Lab, has compiled a fantastic GitHub repository for Ebola incidence and case dataGitHub is an open source hosting service for projects, including data, documents, and code.

How to Digitize Incidence Data

We will be digitizing reports from Guinea.

  1. Go here for a link to the reports and the spreadsheet.
  2. Click the blue Add to Drive button and then the Open in Drive button to open the folder in Google Drive.
  3. Check the spreadsheet to find a date that needs to be digitized.
  4. Find the same date in the report (Ebola_Guinea_5Aug-1Oct.pdf).
  5. Begin entering the numbers from the report into the spreadsheet.

Translations of variable names (French to English)