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POL 215: Courts, Law & Politics: Legal Analysis


Capitol Hill (Congress building), Washington DC

US Capitol, photo by listentoreason, flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.

Law Reports & Law Review Articles

 Tip: Try limiting your search to law reviews from the state of your case.

Law Review Articles

Legal Magazines

Find a Case to Research

One good place to start is the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and the Appeals Court - browse the opinions which give details of the case, names of plaintiffs and defendants, and the lawyers representing each side.

Finding Cases in LexisNexis Legal Research

LexisNexis Academic Legal Research

  • select Federal & State Cases on the left sidebar
  • select the jurisdiction (state or federal) from the dropdown menu in the center of the page
  • enter the party names (no abbreviations!) and change search type from "Everywhere" to "Party Names"
  • no party names? search by citation or some key phrase about the case