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HIST 302: World War II as Memory & Myth

Best Sources for Scholarly Articles

depending on your topic, one or more of these may be helpful

Tips on Getting Articles

  • to find the full text of an article in a database, click on the title for the full record, then look for the Find It! @ Wellesley button to link to the full text (online if available, or in print, or choose "Let us get it for you" if we don't own the journal)
  • to find the full text of an article from a print citation, use Article Locator (fill in the journal title, year, volume, issue, and pages if you have them)
  • do your searching early and place interlibrary loan requests NOW for books and articles we don't have -- then, when you're ready to start reading and writing, you'll have a great selection of materials. If you wait, your choices will be very limited. 
  • use synonyms to find all the ways your topic is expressed:  status or class or social position
  • use truncation to save time: consum* for consumer, consumerism, etc. 
  • combine multiple concepts using AND for best results

Find Books on Your Topic

Digitized Books Online