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WGST 240: U.S. Public Health, Theory and Practice: Find Articles

Health/PAC Digital Archive

Cover of HPAC Bulletin

From 1968-1994, The Health Political Advisory Center published bulletins on struggles for social just ice in health care, addressing topics ranging from "free health clinics to women's health struggles to health worker organizing to environmental justice." WGST faculty member Susan Reverby was an early member of the Health/PAC Bulletin's editorial board. Access the digital archive here

public health journals

Tip: Looking for a research topic? Try browsing tables of contents in journal issues to get ideas. These journals are accessible to Wellesley College students, faculty and staff.

Journals pertaining to public health

Journals pertaining to health policy

Journals pertaining to POC/minority health care

Grey Literature

Grey literature (read a helpful definition here) is not published in traditional commercial venues nor included in major databases. It can take the form of research reports, theses and dissertations, newsletters, bulletins, pamphlets, blog entries, and more.

Grey Literature Report - From the New York Academy of Medicine. This website and database stopped being updated as of January 2017. The resources are still accessible and searchable, however. This site also has links to other medica grey literature sources. 

Research Guide to Grey Literature - History of Medicine - NYU Libraries 

pubmed search tips

PubMed is a free online database with citations (and links to some full text) for articles in the medical literature. It is maintained by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

You can add qualifiers to your search to focus on a specific aspect of a subject, e.g., epidemiology, prevention and control, or trends

Once you've done a search, you can use filters to refine your results

Special queries let you limit your search to topic-specific journal subsets

This PubMed for Public Health Guide has a useful list of relevant Medical Subject Headings to help you start your search

Remember, when looking at the abstract for a particular article, to check the Related citations and Cited by lists (on the right side of the page)

key databases

Find scholarly articles in subject-specific databases.

multidisciplinary databases

These databases contain citations & full text for scholarly articles in a variety of fields.